“You deserve to be pain free, financially free, and do what you love.”

Jacqueline is a snoop.

She wants to know what’s going on underneath the surface. After 15 years in private practice as a healer, she knows that one of the keys to a full life is to look past the symptoms of a problem to access the cause.

Along her journey as a Bowenwork Therapist, EFT Practitioner , Tapping Into Wealth Expert, and Massage Therapist, she discovered the crucial hidden links between physical pain, finances, and our ability to live with joy and ease. Her research led her to create unique, results-oriented methods for uncovering these connections. Her programs liberate clients from physical pain and financial struggle so they create a path to energy, health, ease with money, and personal fulfillment.

Jacqueline works with individuals, groups, and organizations. She is the creator of the “Get Out Of Pain” Program and also the “Money Magnet Manifestation’ Program.

  • Certified Bowenwork Therapist
  • EFT Specialist
  • Licensed Massage Therapist

Tapping Into Wealth for Groups as well as Individuals:

Discover the hidden physical and mental factors that are determining your financial success from behind the scenes inside your brain. Then, learn how to pop them like balloons so you close more sales, earn more, and have more fun!

Give your sales team a competitive advantage – teach them to create the right conversation between their ears!

Book Jacqueline today, your group will love you for it!

Phone: 860-307-0232

Email: Jacqueline@jacquelinemkane.com