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The struggle with pain is real and it can put the brakes on your whole life. The worst days leave you tired and unable to focus on anything else.  Projects and goals get set aside because it’s all you can do to manage day-to-day living. You may feel trapped and wondering if you’ll ever feel good again.


Take comfort. You can feel good again.


Not only is there hope, there are real solutions.

You’re in the right place because I’m here to offer you a way back to your life and to a fresh future. Imagine completely pain free days, sleep so good that every day feels like a joyous new adventure, robust health and energy, and most of all – being able to do all the things you love and live your life fully the way you always wanted to.


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“I am a born skeptic so when I was given the opportunity to have a  session I passed it onto a friend. I am a migrane sufferer and have pain in my right heel, but when I recently returned from vacation with pain in my hips as well I decided to give your system a try. Still a skeptic I was trying to think of a polite way to tell Jacqueline that I didn't think this was for me even while she was treating me. It's been 6 weeks, I have not had any hip or heel pain and not a single headache. I am no longer a skeptic, I am now a convert. Sometimes the simple solutions are the best." Joanne Williams, Torrington, Ct