“Jackie has been instrumental in getting my back on track. Your program was has helped me to get out of pain, sleep better and I now have this amazing energy! Thank you so much!” 

I have two important questions for you:

Are you ready to step out of pain and struggle so you start doing the things you love again?

Are you ready for reduced stress and greater financial ease?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, I’m excited for you because you and I can start your journey towards both of these outcomes. You are the reason I do this work. I want you to feel terrific, have plenty of money, and live your life fully.

“What does my pain have to do with financial ease?” you may ask. That’s a great question. Here’s the great discovery I made on my own journey from chronic pain and poor health:

When you improve your physical and mental health, you improve your fiscal health.

I’m not talking about the obvious stuff, like spending less money on doctor’s visits.  You may not know this, but in some hidden way, you are responding to your pain in the same way that you are responding to your money.  We all do it without realizing it.  I once struggled with chronic pain and depression. I also had constant stress about money.

No matter what I did, I had pain. No matter what I did, I was broke. Sound familiar?

Here’s the wonderful news:  You can look forward to breaking free from both and in far less time than you might think it takes.

How you do one thing is you do anything.

You see, the way we learn to handle almost any one thing in life is how we end up handling just about everything else in life. So you will find that as we work on eliminating your pain, we will also be working on shifting other key areas for you. Money is a big one, and creating what you want in your life is another. My own journey out of pain and poverty taught me how to combine Emotional Freedom Technique, Bowen Therapy, and Massage Therapy in a unique way.  After working with hundreds of clients, I’ve created a step-by-step process to guide you to newfound energy, ease, and financial health.

Why Me?

Because I’ve been there and understand what it’s like to get up in the morning and inventory your pain. I’ve been trapped by frustration and despair thinking that there’s no way out of it. I’ve overcome trauma, pain, and more through the application of these therapies. Because of these techniques, I’ve uncovered my passion and creativity, and have built more confidence than I ever thought I could have. My life is full of great relationships, fun and joy, and feels like a blessing. It gets better with every year. You can have the same and I’d be honored to guide you through your unique, personalized journey to health and wealth.

My Story

“I got a massage on a cruise. It changed my life. At the time I had a constant chatter in my brain going on non-stop. During, and quite a while after the massage, the chatter was gone. I had an epiphany. And I made the decision to become a practitioner. I was a woman on a mission. If a massage could stop the constant noise we make in our heads, then the body was the right place to start. I still feel that way”. JMK

Jacqueline’s journey as a painkiller Super Heroine started on board that cruise ship. She had an AHA moment about how the body holds the key to our wellbeing. She went for it. Got her license as massage therapist and started working right away. And from that moment onwards has been dedicated to help people who not only feel pain but also believe they have to live with it forever.

“Quieting the chatter in your head significantly reduces anxiety and creates a better inner environment where healing of past wounds can occur.” JMK

She knows every detail about being in pain, and being depressed. As most effective healers she has been through a lot herself. Coming from a dysfunctional family, she use to struggle with a feeling of being an outsider and not having control over her feelings about circumstances. At times, she was having trouble getting up in the mornings. That led her to a deep search through which she found Bowen Healing System.

Up until that point she already knew she wanted to work directly on the body. But this was a whole new level of depth. Bowen, created by Tom Bowen, is a therapeutic method that activates the self-healing abilities our body has naturally, through gently stimulating certain points in the body.

Now, she had the potential of healing a client completely, not just help them manage pain.

“I help my clients become the powerful selves they already are while I lovingly support them along the way”. JMK

And then there was a personal issue about betrayal that would not let go of her. She couldn’t stop thinking about it and it was painful. So she went to therapy to better deal with it and in one session EFT or Tapping was used and she dropped the subject for good. After that session she even tried evoking the pain she had felt and could not find it in her anymore. This is how she came upon EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and incorporated the tool into her repertoire, opening a new world of possibilities for her and her clients. Through it she could now access the true origin of any disease, which is lodged within the emotional body, and use the acupressure points to rewire the nervous system. Negative history accumulated in the emotional body can be treated through EFT erasing the symptoms these emotional wounds provoke.

The truth is nobody else is doing what she does: healing the issues of money and health at the same time.

Today, she helps all her clients grow into confident, determined people, deeply connected with their power and mission.
She’s an expert on helping people get rid of pain, physical and emotional.

And does so in a fun, knowledgeable, caring, authentic way. She loves to be there for people, as a constant resource, and in turn, people think of her first as soon as they have a health issue (testimonials).

Licenses, training and continuing education:

  • Licensed Massage Therapist, CT. State License #002429

  • Certified Hypnotist since; 2003

  • Past Life Regression; 2004

  • Certified Bowenwork Practitioner; 2005

  • Certified in Specialized Procedures 1; 2009